Something Different..

The Candlelight Club

If you feel like time-travelling, feel like dressing up, feel like jazz music or just feel like doing something totally different book this when you are in London. I went to this Chicago 1920′s candlelight night on a secret location and it was really awesome. Everyone there was actually dressed up properly. It was really like stepping into the 20′s with a live Jazz band and 20′s cocktails. They change the theme of the candlelight club regularly.
On this occasion it was possible to order hotdogs and hamburgers at a counter outside and inside there where tables with white cloths and candles. If you want to make sure you have a table with your friends, you can book one for £65,- which I would recommend. There is no served dinner..It’s JUST the hotdogs. We agreed that this is probably something to do with a party of +4… Awesome though… Location is emailed on the night before… Website – ££

The Disappearing Dining Club
If you love to go out with friends, enjoy great food and a bit of dancing, but you’ve run out of inspiration of places to go, book a Dinner Dance with the Disappearing Dining Club! Menu, location and DJs are different every time and the exact details are announced on the day of the event. We thoroughly enjoyed our 5 course dinner. The crowd was very diverse and we met some really lovely people. The location was pretty impressive too. We dined in a vault underneath a train station. Really cool. Shame the dancing part didn’t really take off, but I’m happy to believe that it was just this once. Every first Saturday of the month only. The Disappearing Dining Club Website

Secret Cinema
Posted on February 28, 2011 by 
Don’t think twice;  book it, dress up and you won’t not regret it… Be Suprised….
P.S: Tell no-one. Whisper only amongst yourselves.
Location: TBC. Theme changes every few months….

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