Knightbridge to Chelsea

(Including Brompton, South-Kensington and Fulham)

Sough Kensington - London

The 606 Club

One of the best places in London to enjoy Jazz music. When you arrive at the metal gated doorway of the club you’ll think you’re at the wrong place as it looks abandoned. But after you’ve been granted entry and descend into the basement it’s exactly what you’d expect a proper Jazz club should look like. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, music is super enjoyable (check online to see what’s up) and the food was great too. You should make sure to book a table before you go. 606 Club, 90 Lots Road, Chelsea | Tube; Imperial Warf but maybe better to take a bus, taxi or bike | +442073525953 | Website


This club is divided into 3 rooms that all have a different feel to it (and different music). Chandelier Bar, is the main dance room and has a dark, gothic feel. At the back of the club is a all white Cocktail Bar.  All looks really smart. Drinks are expensive but that is not exceptional in London. Make sure you are on the list or reserve a table otherwise you will probably be queuing for quite a while… 65 High Street Kensington


An easy place to have lunch when you are in South Kensington. Aubaine is a chain but I like their menu and food so it’s always a good options when there is nothing else near. The interior is inspired by French country houses. This is not only a good place to have lunch because their pies and cakes are delicious too. 260-262 Brompton Road |+2070520100 | Tube; South Kensington | £££ | Website


Bibendum Oyster Bar | London

If you are currently decorating a house / apartment or just love interior design in general like me you have to visit The Conran Shop in South Kensington and afterwards have lunch in this place to count your money or let it all sink in. I adore this shop and always go home with the intention of starting to save for at least one item I spotted. The restaurant is amazing too. The interior is Art Deco, French style brasserie and for some reason it actually feels like stepping out of a time machine, while at the same time the overall look is modern. Still follow? In any case, the food here is great and just a tiny bit more chic then the overall pub around the corner and it is also great people watching. I also quiet often had a glass of wine with some oysters and nibbles here in the past so you can also go here for a drink after work or an afternoon snack after shopping in this fab neighbourhood. 81 Fulham Road, London | Tube: South Kensington | £££ | +4420 7589 1480 | Meals served noon-10.30pm Mon-Sat; noon-10pm Sun | Website

The Big Easy

Bar, B.Q & Crabshack. This is my favorite American Diner in London. American Diner may not sound too tempting to some of you but this place is seriously awesome. It’s big, easy, loud and cosy. It’s a great place to go if you feel like Margarita’s, American burgers and live music. The plates are massive and there is basically plenty of everything. I had some really fun nights out in this place. It’s always a party and I never feel like going home after I have been here. Should this happen to you too, walk to Nam Long on Old Brompton Road afterwards for a smoking Ferrari cocktail (see post)… 332-334 Kings Road, Chelsea | Tube; South Kensington + 12 minute walk |+442073524071| ££ |Website

Bodo’s Schloss

A fun new place in South Kensington. It’s a very cool apres ski bar, restaurant and club. All under one typical ski hut kind of roof. They’ve gone pretty wild with their ski theme with the waiters wearing lederhosen, alpine furniture everywhere and tv screens with people yodelling down the slopes acting as windows. The food is Austrian and you can choose from wiener schnitzel and beef goulash etc. They even have Austrian wines! Food isn’t amazing, but the place is definitely fun, especially if you’re craving for a mini ski break. It’s also really nice to not have to think about moving locations after dinner (in the cold!). At Bodo Schloss you can stay for a drink, dinner and dance. 2a Kensington High Street | Tube: High Street Kensington | 020 7937 5506 | ££ | Website

La Bouchee

A ‘No bullshit’ just candlelight super cosy tiny French dinner restaurant very near South Ken tube station. Their menu consists of traditional French cuisine dishes that are written on a blackboard. This is the prefect romantic setting if you ask me and reminds me of being on holiday in France. It’s all very rustic and very wood and candlelight.  Ask to sit on Street Level when making a reservation. 56 Old Brompton Road | +442075891929 | Tube: South Kensington | ££ | Map

Brinkley’s Restaurant

I love this street in South Kensington. In the summer everyone is standing outside on the pavement which makes it a very cosy street in this chic neighbourhood.  I came across Hugh Grant in this restaurant and so did a friend of mine (he apparently lives around the corner…) The Brinkley’s is also good for a drink before or after dinner. It’s very buzzing.. Should they be fully booked you could go next door to the Wine Gallery or walk to Sophie’s Steakhouse on Fulham road (both are good options and also to be found on our blog!). 47 Hollywood Road |+442073511683 | Tube: Gloucester Road or South Kensington Station (10 minute walk from there) | £££ | Website | Map

Bunga Bunga

A totally over the top pizzeria by the same owners as 2 of my favourite places in London, Barts bar and club Maggies. It’s named after the notorious Berlusconi parties and meant to be an affordable pizza place with a twist. And it is. With Vespa helmets used as furniture, a bar shaped like a gondola, all night long entertainment and even karaoke opportunities later at night, it’s the perfect place to go with a group of friends. If you do, try the Fiat 500 as a group drink, it looked so cute! Food is affordable but the pizza’s weren’t as good as expected. 37 Battersea Bridge Road | Tube: Sloane Square (take cab from there) | +4420 7095 0360 | ££ |website

Cambio de Tercio

Photography by Kang L
This is a very good en cosy tapas restaurant in South Kensington. In the summer they have several tables outside on the pavement where it is great people watching (especially because the restaurant is next to the Vietnamese bar Nam Long – see other post) Great wines and also famous for their wine list. Great Street where you can be sure to find a bar to have a drink afterwards. 163 Old Brompton Road | Tube; Gloucester Road | +442072448970 | £££ | Website



Across the street from Nam Long and Cambio del Tercio. Nice late night drinks place. I find it a little small downstairs and get claustrophobic. Still good place to go if everything else closes and you fancy a late night dance. 158 Old Brompton Rd, London | +4420 7259 2577 | Mon-Sun: 530pm-230am | £££ | Tube: South Kensington | Website


This is a mouthwatering good restaurant in South Kensington. I really enjoyed their Modern French with Japanese influence kitchen but found the atmosphere a bit stiff for my taste.  It is very minimalistic and modern in not exactly my kind of taste interior but I still choose to post it on our website because I think it’s a great option if you are looking for a more serious setting (business lunch?) or feel like a real fine tasting kitchen and have something to celebrate (because this restaurant doesn’t come cheap). The food is delicious and stylishly presented and their wine list is one of the finest in London. They even have an on-site wine shop…  36 Gloucester Road | ££££ | Tube: Gloucester Road | +442075841118 |Website | Map

Evans & Peels Detective Agency

Definitely go here when you’re in the mood for something fun and different. It all starts with the reservation where you have to email to make an ‘appointment‘ that they’ll ‘treat with the utmost confidentiality‘. Then, you have to find the entrance and the secret bookcase door to this speak-easy basement. For a minute there I really thought I ended up at a detective agency! The theme is all 1920′s with vintage cinema chairs and antique dim lighting where wine is served in paper bags. The food is tasty with mini sliders and mac’s cheese, much more comfy food than low carbs (!), and you should definitely try their cocktails – we were loving the A&T! 310c Earl’s Court Road | Tube: Earls Court | Tel: +44207 373 3573 | Website | ££

La Famiglia| London

This is a traditional Italian restaurant just of Kings Road. Perfect if you are into real Italian atmosphere and kitchen. They also have a very nice garden. I like to have a long lunch in their garden in the summer. This is probably nicer than having a  7 Langton St, The World’s End, Chelsea,  London | +4420 7351 0761 | £££ | Tube: Fulham Broadway or Sloane Square | Website

Hummingbird Bakery

Delicious cupcakes and beautiful pies! And the other way around! 47 Old Brompton Road | Tube; South Kensington |Website

Launceston Place

This restaurant is cosy and chique at the same time. Some people find the atmosphere a little bit formal and I agree with that, however, it also depends on the mood you are in and with whom you are having dinner. It is also a good restaurant to go to after you have been to the Royal Albert Hall because it is just walking distance from there. The restaurant is in a very nice neighbourhood and there is a nice pub very close where you can loosen up afterwards (on a corner and can’t quite remember the name) 1a Launceston Place | +442079376912 | Tube: High Street Kensington | ££££ | Website

Locanda Ottomezzo

Super cosy tiny Italian. Bit overpriced though. 2 Thackeray Street | Kensington.

Megan’s Deli & Restaurant

A super cute little brunch lunch and dinner place with really tasty food. Everything from boiled eggs with soldiers to salads, home-baked quiches and perfect anti-hangover juices. They have a great and romantic almost French garden that makes you feel like you’re on holiday. Lovely atmosphere with reasonable prices. Evenings are supposed to be really good too, can’t wait to check it out. It will be soon. 571 King’s Road, Fulham | Tube: Fulham Broadway |  +4420 7371 7837 | ££ | website

Maggie Jones

A definite new favourite of mine! A super charming, romantic, rustic, country house / farm inspired little restaurant on a side street of Kensington Church Street. This restaurant reflects exactly what I am looking for when ‘in need’ of an intimate dinner with candlelight. A charming hostess and a delicious rack of lamb… Straw baskets with dried flowers hang from the ceiling as are jugs and pots & pans in a very decorative cosy way. A slight disappointment was that they only serve filter coffee, but for me this also adds to place’s unique character…6 Old CT Pl London | Tube; High Street Kensington | +442079376462 | Website | £££

Maggie’s Club

Maggie's London
This place is named after the Iron Lady, Maggie Thatcher and you’ll be reminded of this during a visit to the loo where they play her famous speeches… Pretty weird but cool. I LOVE this place! 80’s music it is… and now I happen to be an extreme fan of the 80’s. I love the crowd that comes here, the weird drinks they serve, the outfits the bartenders are wearing (think neon leggings and Tom Cruise in Cocktail) and the music they play. It’s all 80′s; from disco balls and graffiti to mega size Rubik cube’s and Mario Bros. On some occasions they have staff walking around the club with an electric guitar and / or sax. Admission is in between £15-£20 or you need to book a table which is expensive but fun..  329 Fulham Road | Tube; South Kensington + 10 minute walk | +442073528512 | ££££ | Website

Nam Long le Shaker

nam long le shaker
Crazy small late night place with a little Vietnamese man/owner who kicks you out whenever he doesn’t like to look of you. People order the Smoking Ferrari here. This is a drink which will make you feel so wasted you will definitely regret it… or not because you probably won’t remember a single thing that has happened. Really; I don’t know one single person that could act normal after drinking the Smoking Ferrari. Old Brompton Road (across the street from Eclipse) | Tube: Gloucester Road | +442073731926 | £££ | Website


nozomi sk
This is partly a cocktail bar, partly a Japanese restaurant in on one of my favourite streets in Knightsbridge: Beauchamp Place. On the ground floor you’ll find the cocktail bar that has a modern, minimalistic feel to it.  The atmosphere of the dining room(s) upstairs is clean, white and airy with a chic touch. The food is absolutely mindblowing…. I can’t really say much about the cocktails because we started and finished with wine… But I would definitely recommend this place if your wallet can handle it. 15 Beauchamp Place |Tube: Knightsbridge |+442078381500 | ££££ | Website

The Orange

The Orange brunch London

One of the best places in London to go for a lazy and boozy Sunday brunch. It has a shabby chic vibe and they serve the everything you’d hope for including a perfect Sunday Roast, typical English dishes like scotch eggs, but also soups and pizza’s. Oh and I’d definitely recommend the Bloody Mary’s! Great for groups, as you can reserve long tables. But also a good option if you’re around Sloane Square and feeling hungry. They always keep tables available for walk-ins. Dinner is fun too and prices are reasonable. 37 Pimlico Road | Tube: Sloane Square | +44(0)207881 9844 | Website | ££

The Piano Bar

This is a perfect place for a drink during the week. If you feel like a little bit of old fashioned fun, grab a table and listen to the pianist while having a glass of Pinot Noir. On Sunday the have live Jazz evening from 8 to 11. 106 High Street Kensington | ££ | +442079384664| Website

The Pig’s Ear

Pigs Ear
I adore this pub. It’s a traditional English Pub where you can have dinner too. It’s spacious and very cozy and upstairs they have a little room with a few tables where you can have a slightly more formal dinner with white table cloth etc.. I guess it depends on your mood if you rather sit upstairs or downstairs. If you want a quiet dinner I would opt for upstairs, downstairs is exactly what you expect it to be in an English pub; Noisy, cozy with large wooden tables, art on the walls and christmas lights all over…35 Old Church St  Chelsea, London |+4420 7352 2908 | Tube; South Kensington (and then a long walk so better to take a bus (14) | ££ | Website | Map

La Poule au Pot

This is a very romantic French Bistro restaurant near Sloane Square in Chelsea. Candle light and delicious traditional French dishes. I always order the escargots which are very good. Everything in this little Bistro is French; from the waiters and interior to the menu. Also good place to have lunch in the winter (cosy) or in the summer (on their terrace) 231 Ebury Street, Chelsea, London | Tube: Sloane Square | +442077307763 | £££ | Website

Sophie’s Steakhouse

Sophie's Steakhouse
I always like this place. The decor is quite trendy and the atmosphere relaxed, same for food. They don’t take reservations but they have a nice cocktail area where you can wait for a table and they do great cocktails. Definitely a good option if you haven’t booked anywhere in South Kensington. Great for groups too! 311-313 Fulham Road.

Troubadour the Cafe

I haven’t been to this place for about 3 years but I used to go here a lot. I guess I moved house and there were too many new places to check out. However, I always loved this place. It has a really funky decor and is cozy at the same time. There are hanging all sorts of fun vintage objects on the walls and ceiling and they have happy hour every evening from 4.30pm until 7.30 (2 for 1 cocktails). In the warmer months they also have a garden for which they don’t take reservations. This place is also nice for a cup of coffee during the day or breakfast! They are open from 9am to midnight…  263-7 Old Brompton Road | Tube: West Brompton or Earl’s Court | +4402073701434 | £££ | Website

The Wine Gallery

This restaurant is next to the Brinckley’s. Easy dinner and especially nice in the summer because they have a small, lovely garden in the back. Very good wine list and not too expensive. 49 Hollywood Road, South Kensington, London| Tube: Earl’s Court |+442073527572 | ££ | Website

White Horse

The White Horse - Sloany Pony
Great typical English gastropub overlooking the Parsons Green in Fulham. There is an amazing terrace where in summer they serve burgers and hot dogs from the BBQ. The interior is also really cosy and a nice place to hang out on winter afternoons/evenings. Definitely one to check out. Great for Sunday Roast! 1-3 Parsons Green | Tube: Parson’s Green

Ziani’s Restaurant

A friend took me to this small Italian restaurant in the heart off Chelsea yesterday and I loved it! I think it is probably one of the best Italian restaurants in London. You are warmly welcomed by the place’s owner and the other staff is friendly, funny and attentive too. You feel right at home, the place is buzzing and the food is absolutely incredible. I had the sea scallops sautéed with mushrooms on a rocket salad as a starter…very good. 45 Radnor Walk Chelsea | +442073515297 | Tube; Sloane Square / South Kensington |££££ | Website

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