Take your mates I

London take your mates

What to do when you’re off to London for a weekend of fun with friends… Here’s what we think is the perfect combination of food, drinks, a little bit of sightseeing and more drinks.

Friday Evening:
Kick off at Bunga Bunga for a good chaotic Italian night. Start with Prosecco at the bar, follow up with pizza by the meter and cocktails in the form of Fiat 500 which you can (and should!) share with a group. Usually someone will start singing halfway through the night and before you know it you might even end up with microphone on stage. The night usually ends up with karaoke. Once they close at about 12-1pm, it’s time for Maggie’s which is by far my favourite club in London. It’s unpretentious (as far as clubs in London can be) and always fun with good old 80’s music and fun crowd. Probably best to arrange something at Bunga Bunga so you can get into Maggie’s without too much trouble and with a group. They’re by the same owners so best to make use of that. Should you and your friends come out of Maggie’s feeling hungry, not to worry: there is a place called Vingt-Quatre right next to Maggie’s where they serve food 24/7.

Saturday Morning:You’ll probably need a little bit of rest so by the time you’re good to go, Borough Market is always a good idea (Southwark Street, Tube: London Bridge). It’s London’s oldest, busiest and most popular for foodies, food market. Fresh seasonal food sourced local as well as international, they literally have something for everyone! Barbecue chorizo rolls with rucola, grilled cheese ‘raclette’ sandwiches, mulled wine in winter, oysters and white wine in summer, vegetarian burgers and lots lots more…

Saturday Afternoon:
If you’re up for something cultural, the Tate Modern Museum is within walking distance from Borough Market. They usually have something good on but their standard collection is amazing too so you can’t go wrong. The Tate also has a great roof restaurant and bar where you can enjoy amazing views over the Thames and London’s skyline.

Most likely it’s already around 5-6pm by now so you might want to get back to the hotel and get ready for the evening!

Saturday Evening:
Tonight is East London night. We suggest you start with drinks at Callooh Callay and go for dinner at The Tramshed. Callooh Callay is a really fun old school bar with amazing cocktails, and the restaurant (within walking distance) is in a cool location with a massive Damian Hirst piece of art in the middle. There are loads of bars and places to go afterwards in the area. And there are usually some good parties on too. Favela Chic is buzzy and loud so head here when you’re in for more fun and maybe some dancing. The Nightjar is a speakeasy where you can go for very special cocktails, from teapots, etc. The Nightjar stays open until 4am, but it’s not a place for dancing. More for chatting.

Sunday Morning/Afternoon:
Sunday Roast time! The best way to end your London weekend is with a boozy typical British brunch with Bloody Mary’s and roast chicken. A pub that does a good one in the Notting Hill is The Prince Bonaparte.

Note: Especially when you plan to go out with a group in London it might be hard to get into places if you haven’t booked. I’d suggest you book at Bunga Bunga, The Tramshed and for your Sunday Roast.

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