Sexy Fish | London

Sexy Fish London
A new trendy Asian seafood restaurant in Mayfair that I checked out last night. Love the name of this restaurant so I made my reservation 1 month ago already to save a spot for a Friday night. The place feels very glamorous and on all the walls are sexy fish to admire made by Damien Hirst, Frank Gehry and Michael Roberts. Apparently the bar holds one of the world’s biggest Japanese whisky collections that I did not try but other cocktails are quite spectacular as well (especially how they are presented!)
My date noted that place has quite a high ‘voetbalvrouwen gehalte‘ which I guess was quite true. Sorry for the none Dutch amongst you. However, if  you have something to celebrate and would like to celebrate in style, I guess this is a great place to go. The crispy duck salad is not as good as the one at Hakkasan but still very good and the Sesame Seed Sea Brass is to die for.  Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square W1J 6BR | Tube: Green Park | Website | open noon to 2am | ££££ | +442037642000

Terpentijn | Amsterdam

One of my favourites go-to’s in Amsterdam at the moment. I’m pretty sure it’s because there is a restaurant part upstairs and a really great bar area downstairs. I always love it when you find a place you can start and end at the bar, and you don’t feel you have to leave anytime soon because everyone has gone home or elsewhere. They also tend to have some some really good tunes downstairs that are perfect for Friday or Saturday nights, lots of ‘hitjes’! I must say I liked the french-asian food, especially the starters, but I wasn’t blown away by the main courses. I’m going back soon to check out their new menu (main courses and cocktails!). Rokin 103 | Tram: Spui/Rokin | Tel: +31(0)20 333 0014 | Website | €€€
Terpentijn Amsterdam Restaurant

Royal China | Bayswater, London

Royal China Dimsum London Bayswater
In case you are looking for an alternative to a Sunday Roast with a group of friends, I would highly recommend going for Dim Sum at Royal China. The place has apparently been here forever and is not fancy at all. It’s essentially an old-school retro Chinese with lots gold and black decor with great food. From gyoza’s, buns and dumplings to peking duck pancakes. They offer everything you wish for if you love Chinese dim sum. We would recommend going with a group of 4-5 so you can get one of the smaller tables. We were sat at a really large round one for 10 people and we couldn’t really connect with each other at the other side of the table. Royal China doesn’t take reservations so you might have to wait for your table but it goes relatively quick. Aside from the standard prawn & coriander dumplings and roast pork buns etc, you should also try the sautéed chili tofu ! 13 Queensway | Tube: Queensway | Tel: 020 7221 2535 | Website | ££

Roka | London


In my opinion a better and more exciting Asian restaurant than Hakkasan. I know it’s a bold thing to say, but I absolutely LOVED this place! A good Italian friend of mine took me here because it’s his favourite place, and you know how picky Italians are about their food 😉 We didn’t book and got a table at the bar which was great (if it’s only 2 of you). I loved the spicy edamame to start with and all the dishes after that! You can really taste everything is extremely fresh. And it’s fun seeing the team at work prepping all the dishes.

Shoshu bar is downstairs where you can get drinks distilled especially and exclusively. Madonna has hers sitting there.. It’s pretty strong so I’d suggest sampling some of the shoshu liquors and getting a proper cocktail from the menu. They’re very good! And the staff is friendly as well. Great to have drinks before or after dinner upstairs. 37 Charlotte St | Tube: Goodge Street | Tel: 020 7580 6464 (try to get a reservation if you’re with more than 2) | Website | £££

Woo Bros | Amsterdam

Woo Bros Amsterdam
A new recommendation for Amsterdam foodies who love Asian food. At Woo Bros you’ll find a mix of Vietnamese, Cantonese, Thai, Japanese and Indonesian flavors. Think Peking Duck, Lobster, Sashimi, Sushi, Gado Gado and lots lots more, all served on small plates so can share and taste all of them (I wish!). Our favourite dish was the Soft Shell Crab Roll, so good.. The staff is really sweet and happy to explain the menu and suggest different options. I thought the the crowd was quite mixed although the interior felt pretty stylish and hip which made it feel cool, but relaxed at the same time. Definitely a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy super delicious food.

Jodenbreestraat 144 | Metro: Waterlooplein | Tel: +31204280488 | | Website | €€

NOPI | London

I’ve come here a couple of times now and it’s still one of my favourites. This restaurant by chef Ottolenghi (yes the one of the extremely tasteful deli’s) provides a true foodie experience. If you don’t know about Ottolenghi yet, he combines Asian, Middle East and Mediterranean influences and uses mainly vegetables and fish as a basis. I don’t know how he does it but there is something about the freshness and the flavours of each dish that surprise me every time I go. I would definitely suggest to share plates so you can try more things! The way he mixes things up especially with vegetables is really inspiring, need to get his cookbook asap. The interior is very white and gold. Not my usual favourite as it can feel a little cold and pretentious sometimes but it works fine for me here. Unfortunately it’s nothing cheap, especially the wine adds up to the bill, but still reasonable for food of this level. 21-22 Warwick Street | 020 7494 9584 | £££ | Tube: Piccadilly | Website | Map

SushiSamba – London

SushiSamba in New York was the favorite hang out of the girls in Sex and the City and was where Samatha threw a dirty Martini in her ex-lovers face!!  London now has it’s own SushiSamba, following the one in New York. The restaurant in London is on the 38th Floor of the Heron Tower in East London which makes it the highest terrace point in London. Stunning panoramic views can be enjoyed on the roof terrace while you are having an aperitive and inside you can enjoy dinner (they do not serve food outside unfortunately) The blend of Brazilian, Peruvian and Japanese kitchen is insanely good. It’s fresh, exciting and original as is the whole interior design.  I have to say that Bishopsgate is not the most romantic street in London, but it’s near the lovely Flowermarket, Broadway Market and Bricklane so you could top off a Bohemian, arty and cultural strolling day in Shoreditch with a fabulous high style dinner! 
110 Bishopsgate, London | Tube: Liverpool Street | £££ |+442036407330 | Website | Map


I went to this place quite a while back with my two brothers. The restaurant is located in the trendy Thompson Hotel in Soho New York and looks very glamorous and chic. We were waiting for our table in a nice waiting area in the front where you can have really delicious cocktails. The staff looks very stylish and so do the dishes… The atmosphere is great for a romantic dinner but also works well for a (business) lunch.
Before I went here I read that some people find the staff pretentious and service bad but we didn’t have this bad experience at all.  If you dig Thai food and love a beautiful presentation I would definitely check it out ! 60 Thompson Street, New York City | +12122192000 | $$$$ | Underground; Spring Street or Prince Street | Website

Yashin – Sushi and Bar

I was looking for a nice place to have dinner in this area, because I was planning to go to the Kensington Odeon (Cinema) later. I found this place on Google maps and because we were dying to have sushi, we decided to go here for a quick bite.
This was not just sushi… This was mind blowing sushi… melting on your tong sushi!
Approximately 12 cooks (most of them Japanese) are preparing fresh sushi in a tiny space with an open kitchen. The restaurant has a very contemporary, fresh look with the option to sit at the sushi bar upstairs or at intimate tables downstairs.
One disappointment which will make me not go back here too often… It’s very expensive… The cheapest wine is £10,- a glass to give you an idea.
1A argyll Road Kensington | Tube: High Street Kensington | +442079381536 | £££££ | Website (closed 1st and 3rd Monday of every month)

Cây Tre Soho

Cay Tre
6 years ago I went to Vietnam with a group of 16 friends and I loved the country so much! Not just the surroundings, people and beauty of the country itself but also the FOOD. My goodness what a blast… Anyway last week I discovered this restaurant in Soho and I was back in Vietnam for a few hours. Delicious food… really delicious… The look of the place is okay. Very airy, modern, light, spacious, noisy. Not super trouper cosy but  the quality of the food makes this restaurant special. Try the Squid & Green Mango Salad and the Slow Cooked Mekong Catfish. They have a bar waiting area as well. 42-43 Dean Street | Tube: Tottenham Court Road/Oxford Circus | +442073179118 | Website | ££