Mesa de Frades, Lisbon
Mesa de Frades Lissabon Lisbon

If you are planning a trip to Lisbon, you have to go for a typical Portugese night at Mesa de Frades. The restaurant is one of Lisbon’s Fado Houses located in Alfama, the old town area. It’s beautiful, intimate and informal and the fado performances that start around 11pm each night make it a truly special experience. You can really feel the emotions from the famous fado songs. It’s very intense. And even some of my friends that weren’t into it initially felt touched by some of them. We arrived at 9pm and had dinner first, but you can also turn up just for the fado show from 11pm onwards. There is a traditional Portugese fixed menu. All reasonably priced and service is good. We also spotted many locals so it didn’t feel touristy. Good food and wine, amazing performances, guitar music… A perfect Portugese experience. Open Wed-Sun. Rua dos Remédios 139a | Alfama, Lisbon | Tel: 917029436 | No website | €€€

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