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Beyond the sandy dunes in the north of Brazil lays this gem off a town..; All streets are from sand (!), everyone is in chill mode, it’s surfers paradise,
the sunsets are heavenly, the caipirinha’s divine, good shopping and pretty good star watching at night. On top of all this; it’s insanely romantic..
Jericocoara lies about a 4 hour drive from Fortaleza and is not very easy to get to but it’s absolutely worth the effort…especially if you’re into kite surfing..
If you’re not; try it! It’s freakin’ awesome!!!

Na Casa Dela
Nacasa dela is a cute little restaurant where they have been very creative with fabrics (love their handcrafted menu’s with cut fabric on wood), lampoons, flowers and cushions.. It’s soooo cute and charming and they have delicious food.  Tables on the sand and good cocktails. You’ll find the restaurant in the city centre near the beach… Impossible to miss. Rua Princial | Opening Hours: 18:30. 24:00 | ££

photo 5
This place was recommended to us by my Kite Surf Teacher. The restaurant is tucked away on a side street and VERY tiny. Probably 4 tables outside and 4 inside. They serve delicious ceviche and other fish dishes… The guy who served us was absolutely hysterical so we had a good laugh. I was not able to find this restaurant in Google but I am sure anyone in town will be able to point you in the right direction. It was definitely located on a side street somewhere on a corner… Enjoy!



Salvador is the largest city on the Northeast coast of Brazil and is also known as Brazil’s capital of happiness due to its easygoing population and countless popular outdoor parties (carnival!)

The city is famous for its cuisine, music and architecture. The African influence in the cultural aspects of the city are very obvious. The historical centre of Salvador, frequently called the Pelourinho is renowned for its Portuguese colonial architecture with historical monuments dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries. My experience? I loved this city.. It’s simply beautiful. Everywhere you look you see beautiful architecture, street art or dancing people and all you hear is music and singing… Just my kind of place!

Hotel Vila Bahia

This is a really nice boutique hotel in the middle of the historic centre of Salvador, Pelourinho. The hotel lies right around the corner of one the nicest streets of Salvador so you are just a short walk away from nice restaurants, theaters and churches. The hotel also has a terrace right on the square and a restaurant with small garden in the back where they serve really nice food. We celebrated Christmas Evening here and had a very original 6 course menu that was very good. They also serve great breakfast. The hotel has a very tasteful decorated town house interior and is very much inspired by the three mixed cultures of Brazil; African, Portugese and Brazilian.  Largo do Cruzeiro de Sao Francisco, n 16/18 Pelourinho
Salvador – BA | +557133224271 | Room prices; From €220 to €300 (530 BRL to 730 BRL) acc to the season, except during Christmas / New Year and Carnival. Price per room / per night (in a double room), including breakfast |Website

Salvador Aram Yam Boutique Hotel

Aram Yam Boutique Hotel
I am not sure which hotel I liked better but this hotel in Santo Antonio in Salvador is also really charming. The hotel is a town house which lies in the middle of a beautiful street in the old town of Salvador (see the picture I posted above with the beautiful facades) . The whole street consists of breathtaking 17th and 18th Century architecture and is just gorgeous.
I loved the interior of the hotel and the spacious, airy room we had next to the terrace with the swimming pool and mind blowing view of the bay. The small infinity swimming pool overlooks the bay and after 10pm turns into your private pool if you have the right room (!).. So makes sure you book that one if you feel like spending it 😉
The food they served was also really good and the service super helpful, kind and friendly..
Anyway, a great experience in a great city! 132, Rua direita de Santo Antônio, Salvador | Room prices; From £170 to €350 acc to the season, except during Christmas / New Year and Carnival. Price per room / per night (in a double room), including breakfast |+5571 3242-9412 | Website

Soho, Salvador
Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 15.36.01
In the lower part of Salvador where you get by taking the lift down (or taxi) you have this restaurant right on the bay overlooking the sea. The restaurant is quite trendy and buzzing and serves fusion food which is really good (loved the ceviche!). Other things you can expect on the menu; sushi, sashimi, teriyaki and yakisoba etc. The interesting contrast was that they had a glass floor on the deck through which you could see a fisherman trying to get fish while we were having an expensive lunch right above.. Anyway, definitely worth going if you feel like escaping Salvadors buzzing historic centre for a bit and enjoy the peaceful breeze of the sea. Av. Lafayete Coutinho, 1010, Bahia Marina Salvador | +557133224554 | $$$$

Toca do Morcego | Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Toca do Morcego

Thinking of this place I want to go back to Brazil tomorrow… This open air club and bar on an Island near Salvador is totally paradise! Visualise; lounging on colourful cushions, sipping a caipirinha and watching dolphins jumping in the sea while the sun goes down…Okay, this may sound a little hippy’esk but this is how I experienced it! Once the sun is down and the moon comes out the party continues and you can chill out on cushions or dance on the sand amongst the trees. Paper bags with candles inside make the place super cozy too. Great place to go with group of friends or like me with your boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife. Getting there involves sort of a climb through a forest but what you get is the best view on the island, live music and party…Rua Caminho do Farol Nr 13, Morro de Sao Paulo, Ilha de Tinhare, State of Bahia, Brazil | $$$ | Website

Maria Mata Mouro Restaurant
Maria Mata Mouro Restaurant

I think that this restaurant was recommended to us about 10 times by various hotels, guides, tripadvisor and fellow travelers before we finally decided to check it out..
The location is perfect in the middle of the historic centre and they have a lovely garden in the back. The food is good and the atmosphere romantic so I would for sure try it out when you are in Salvador. Oh and last but not least; I found the service very sweet and attentive. Rua Inacio Accioli 8, Pelourinho, Salvador |+5571 3321 3929 | $$ | Website


Rio de Janeiro

Second largest city of Brazil. City of thong bathing suits, the Christo and Sugarloaf Mountain. City that will be the home of the upcoming Olympic Games..
Dance, music and beaches is what this city is about… And a lot of people….a lot…PLease drink lots of Acai.. SO freaking good…

Felice Caffè Bar e Gelateria (Ipanama)
Felize Caffe

I was dying to have a good salad after ten days of being careful what to eat (had some food poisoning in Morro de Sao Paolo) This little restaurant near the beach and around the corner of the Fasano hotel serves delicious food (and salads) and also really great ice cream.. The interior is simple but has a few tables outside on the terrace and a the place itself has a good vibe. Rua Gomes Carneiro, 30, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Ipanema) |
+552125227749 |$$ | Website | Map

Hotel La Maison, Rio de Janeiro (Gavea)
Hotel La Maison
Depending on where you want to stay in Rio I would 100% recommend this colonial-style mansion boutique hotel which has charm and a unique own style.. They don’t have that many rooms but all rooms have a different price range and style.
The staff is attentive and ready to help with all your needs and questions, the food is very good and the interior is cozy, trendy and charming.. Just my kind of place..
The con would be the location of the hotel because you need to take a taxi drive to go to Leblon, Ipanama, Copacabana etc but if you don’t mind doing this it is great. You can see the Christo form their pool by the way.. Don’t take the Shanghai room as it is much too dark! R. Sérgio Porto, 58 – Gávea  Rio de Janeiro | +55 21 9423-2636 | $$$ | Website

Aprarizel, Rio de Janeiro
In the charming neighbourhood of Santa Teresa in Rio lies this very fine tree house restaurant that is extremely popular among locals.
I would recommend to go for a ‘chopp’ in the main street in Santa Teresa beforehand which is very buzzing and full of people drinking and chatting while sitting or standing on the street.. We went to Cafitel but you have many more bars that are equally as nice.
The restaurant is a few minutes with the taxi from there and you should try to arrange a table in the main part of the restaurant (which is basically outside in the tree house). We had steak which was really good….Amazing views, good vibe, but very popular so may not be easy to get reservation if you are late..Rua Aprazivel 62 | Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Santa Teresa) | +552125089174 | $$$ | Website

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  1. Hi girls,
    First of all congratulations for this amazing blog and thank you very much. I love all your tips without exception!
    I was in Jeri 3 years ago and I also fell in love with the place. While there, I stayed at the cutest most romantic and more authentic hotel, run by a french woman, called La Villa. I suggest you to add it, it is the Paradise on earth!

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