Soho Grind | London

Soho Grind
Sex, Coffee & Rock n Roll in what is says outside their ‘shop’ which makes you curious… I was contemplating what to do and peeking inside (drawn in by the red lights) and then the nice guy at the counter persuaded us to come in and check it out. We first had an espresso in their upstairs bar (which was seriously good) and we then moved down into their tiny little basement floor for an Espresso Martini. Love this concept of coffee & cocktails which makes it the perfect stop for after dinner. You leave your restaurant after dessert, head here for a great coffee of any kind and then have a few cocktails downstairs to finish off a great evening. However, I just read on their website that they offer food of all kinds during the day as well (from porridge and eggs to salads, cold meats, filled croissants and soups) There are two other Grinds in London (Picadilly and Shoreditch). I am in Love.
19 Beak Street, London | £££ | Mon-Thurs 7am-11.30pm, Fri 7am – midnight, Sat 8am – midnight, Sun 9am-8pm | Tube: In between Picadilly Circus and Oxford Circus


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