Dirty Burger | Shoreditch, London

Dirty Burger
So basically I hit this spot by mistake. As always I am trying to eat healthy and do my exercises but then I ended up strolling through Shoreditch without having had a proper breakfast or lunch. Exactly at the point where I realised I was hungry I came across this place… So Bingo! Well, I have to say that even though the cheeseburger was probably an unhealthy quick fix… It made my day. What a delight! This is not a place where you will have a romantic dinner (but you will probably not pick a burger joint anyway…), or relaxed sit down. The place has a counter where you order your thing and a few stools and bar to sit and wait/ or eat. The concept is simple, the food is great, the location the best. Squeezed in between Pizza East, Lyle’s and Shoreditch House so should you try to get a table at any of these venues and end up on the waiting list forever, you can always go here. Dirty Burger is part of the Soho House group and they just always get it right….(The Oak, Chicken Shop, Pizza East, Soho House, Electric, Deanstreet Townhouse etc) 13 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA |+2077494525 | Tube: Shoreditch High Street | £ | Map | Website

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