Le Rêve d’Isabelle | Lorgues, France

les reves d'isabelle
Weirdly enough I have been going to Lorgues for the past 7 years (my parents have a house there) and never visited this little Salon de Thé tucked away in a little courtyard before… Obviously, because I never realised it was there and not because I did not want to. I am immediately a big fan! The place is exactly what you are looking for when in the provence; small, romantic, pots and plants and other cute curiosities on a little courtyard with about 6 tables. The food is perfect. You have to try the “Assiette Gourmand” which will be a plate with 14 small dishes. There is also a little shop attached to the place where you can find really nice home decor stuff. The restaurant is opposite the church near the big parking lot and the street is parallel to the main street in Lorgues where there is a nice market on Tuesdays. If you not go on Tuesdays, Lorgues is also worth a visit; it is a beautiful provencal town with ancient narrow streets, beautiful old buildings and plenty of terraces where you can enjoy a drink while you do some people watching. 1 Place de l’Église, Lorgues | +324 94 73 96 28 (closed on Wednesday and Sunday) and open from 10.30am to 6pm | €€ 

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