SCREAM at Electric Cinema | London

SCREAM at Electric Cinema
Since I had a little baby girl Noortje (Noor) 3 months ago I wanted to share this great experience with you. On Mondays at 11am Electric cinema screen a movie in their fabulous cinema (think big, relaxing armchairs and footstools and your own side table with a cozy lamp.) They call these screenings SCREAM because they are meant for mothers with babies up to one year old. It is such an amazing concept because it allows us, busy and tired mums, to enjoy a great movie in an amazing cinema without feeling guilty when your little one starts to scream… Movies have subtitles so you don’t miss the essence of the movie when a baby next to you decides to go full power. Funnily enough I didn’t really noticed the crying babies during the movie at all. I just LOVE it and will definitely go every week when I can! Electric Cinema, 191 Portobello Road, London | Every Monday at 11am (I think dates now vary slightly so do check their website) | £15 | Website

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