The Box | London

The Box Nightclub London
One of the craziest, sexiest and bizar clubs in London. Originally from the Lower East Side in NYC, this club is taking night life to whole other level. The space is dark, the vibe is exciting and the music is great. Throughout the night you can expect everything from burlesque shows including dwarf acrobats, animals, transgender strip acts, to dancers dressing up in giant vagina’s and anything else weird, sexual and crazy. It’s definitely fun, and you have to have been there at least once. Getting in with a big group can be a hassle. Tables start at 3000 quid if you’re feeling rrrrrich. I managed to get in with a few friends a couple of times. Sometimes they make you pay 50, other times no charge.. It’s weird, and not straight forward, just like the club itself I guess! 11-12 Walker’s Ct | Tube: Piccadilly | +4420 7434 4374 | £££ | Website


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