Honest Burgers | Portobello Road, London

Honest Burgers Portobello Road
So… Last week I was walking down Portobello Road where I happen to live next to and discovered this new place. And although it is a chain it is a dangerous new place around the corner for me so I have to write about it…
Delicious burgers in a friendly, easy setting is just what you need on a lazy, hangover Sunday and even though I was not hangover, the burger I ordered tasted SO good and the fries even better. They do chicken and beef burgers in various styles and they season their fries with rosemary (the way I always do when I am in the south of France so it totally reminded me of holiday). We didn’t have to queue and the service was quick. I will definitely be back.
189 Portobello Road, London |+44 20 7229 4978 | Tube; Notting Hill Gate | ££ | MapWebsite

4 thoughts on “Honest Burgers | Portobello Road, London

  1. Hey Elsje, am also a (fairly new) resident to N-hill area. Stumbled across your pick a week ago during Oxjam (hope you guys got to catch a few of the shows). You should DEFINITELY try the new place RIGHT beside called Pix – pretty authentic tapas place (though also a chain) in quite an intimate, brick-exposed kinda setting. Thanks and keep up the good pics/writing.

    • Hi Elton, yes I did noticed that Pix was back to Notting Hill. They used to be in the now Granger and Co location on Westbourne Grove (a few years back) and it did not really work for me back then. This location seems to suit them better though and I will definitely check it out soon! Thanks for the heads up! Much appreciated!

      • Have been in the hood for almost 2 years now and its really grown on me – with the help of all your recommends of course! PS my friend and I from NYC were about to start a similar NYC/London blog, when we stumbled across yours and were stopped dead in our tracks 🙂 But happy to shoot you guys some of my London faves if you have the time (newest “feature” in the Hill I would say is the ceviche pop-up bar that was opened a few weeks ago inside Santo, a mexican restaurant at the top of Portobello, a few places down from the 6-month new Swedish restau: Lisa’s…also phenomenal). Keep the writing/places coming in any case – superb articles and write-ups! Thanks.

      • Great, thanks and please do shoot us messages about things to check out! My writing buddy Guusje now lives in NYC for 3 months and has a whole list ready to post so that should come through soon as well.
        I am going to check out Lisa’s soon. Thanks for the tip. We have been slightly busy lately so need to pick up the pen again. I love Ceviche in Soho by the way.. so can’t wait to try soon nearer to home..

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