Roka | London


In my opinion a better and more exciting Asian restaurant than Hakkasan. I know it’s a bold thing to say, but I absolutely LOVED this place! A good Italian friend of mine took me here because it’s his favourite place, and you know how picky Italians are about their food 😉 We didn’t book and got a table at the bar which was great (if it’s only 2 of you). I loved the spicy edamame to start with and all the dishes after that! You can really taste everything is extremely fresh. And it’s fun seeing the team at work prepping all the dishes.

Shoshu bar is downstairs where you can get drinks distilled especially and exclusively. Madonna has hers sitting there.. It’s pretty strong so I’d suggest sampling some of the shoshu liquors and getting a proper cocktail from the menu. They’re very good! And the staff is friendly as well. Great to have drinks before or after dinner upstairs. 37 Charlotte St | Tube: Goodge Street | Tel: 020 7580 6464 (try to get a reservation if you’re with more than 2) | Website | £££


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