Balthazar | London

balthazar london
The NY Balthazar in London’s Covent Garden! Yahoo McNally came to London! Actually, the experience is quite weird because it looks exactly the same… Only the loos are in a different spot. I don’t come in Baltazar NY everyday so I could be mistaken, but to me it felt identical… I made a reservation weeks ago (this is obviously because the place is new and hyped so I don’t think it will be this difficult in a few months time) You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner and the place is exactly like you’d expect it to be; buzzing, busy, noisy (not because of music but because of the acoustics and loads of people talking), spacious, French Bistro’esk… Nice! I like it. Neighbourhood not particularly my favourite but it’s a great option for with a group of friends or before you have to go somewhere else because the service is quick and the food is good. You could even go here on a date; not a romantic (new) date, but a ‘let’s have a people watch easy kind of date before we go to the theatre’. Anyway, check it out… 4-6 Russell St, London |+442033011155 | Tube; Covent Garden | £££ | Website | Map

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