Toos & Roos | Amsterdam

Toos en Roos 2
When you are visiting another city you can sometimes feel totally lost (or grumpy) when you simply want to have a cup of coffee, breakfast or sandwich and can’t find the right place because you keep on walking into the wrong streets where there are just shops…I will share this ‘easy’ place with you that is in the middle of ‘the 9 streets’ (=negen straatjes =shopping feast in Amsterdam) so you won’t miss it!
I had a perfect little breakfast here the other day; It was sunny so I had a table outside and I was enjoying my butter croissant and cappuccino while watching people cycle past… Ideal. The couple next to me had started the day earlier than myself and were having lunch. I mention this because the sandwiches they ordered looked freakin’ amazing… Too bad I was just eating a croissant.
Anyway..sweet staff and a nice breakfast deal; Fresh Jus d’orange, a coffee (in whatever form you want it), a croissant with butter and jam for €6,95. Toos & Roos is almost next to the Hotel I always stay in (The Ambassade Hotel) so I will definitely go back and check out their sandwiches and salads one day! Herengracht 309 | Tram: Spui | €€ | Website


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