Maggie’s Club

This place is named after the Iron Lady, Maggie Thatcher and you’ll be reminded of this during a visit to the loo where they play her famous speeches… Pretty weird but cool.
I LOVE this place!
80’s music it is… and now I happen to be an extreme fan of the 80’s. I love the crowd that comes here, the weird drinks they serve, the outfits the bartenders are wearing (think neon leggings and Tom Cruise in Cocktail) and the music they play. It’s all 80’s; from disco balls and graffiti to mega size Rubik cube’s and Mario Bros. On some occasions they have staff walking around the club with an electric guitar and / or sax. Admission is in between £15-£20 or you need to book a table which is expensive but fun..  329 Fulham Road | Tube; South Kensington + 10 minute walk | +442073528512 | ££££ | Website

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