The Candlelight Club

If you feel like time-travelling, feel like dressing up, feel like jazz music or just feel like doing something totally different book this when you are in London. I went to this Chicago 1920’s candlelight night on a secret location and it was really awesome. Everyone there was actually dressed up properly. It was really like stepping into the 20’s with a live Jazz band and 20’s cocktails. They change the theme of the candlelight club regularly.
On this occasion it was possible to order hotdogs and hamburgers at a counter outside and inside there where tables with white cloths and candles. If you want to make sure you have a table with your friends, you can book one for £65,- which I would recommend. There is no served dinner..It’s JUST the hotdogs. We agreed that this is probably something to do with a party of +4… Awesome though… Location is emailed on the night before… Website – ££

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