Chez Loli | Lorgues, France

This is one of my all time favourite restaurants and used to be called La Table de la Fontaine… The food is so divine that my boyfriend and I are planning our lunches here months in advance. The restaurant is located in a little charming village in the Provence called Cotignac. Cotignac is an unspoilt mediaeval town with lots of beautiful sights to see and a very nice market on Tuesdays. The restaurant is located on a square in the centre of town and their food is INSANELY good. You have to order the Escargots… OH MY! I am sure I will never ever find a place again that prepares escargots more delicious then here.
I am now 3 years later adding to this post that for a while now the restaurant has a new owner and THANK HEAVENS kept the same cook. Unfortunately, the look of the place has lost its flair. The wooden tables and bistro cozy look made room for plastic tables and ugly details… The spot is still great though and so are the escargots so just go and try!! 27 cours Gambetta, Cotignac |€€€ | +33494047913 | Website

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